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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some light interesting reading~

Just surfing when I saw this one, look quite interesting considering Fast Reactor is still something new. For those who totally lost, Fast Reactor make use of fast neutron instead of normally slow (or as they called it, thermal) region.

The book is written by the two leading engineers and Argonne National Laboratory Associate Directors behind the integral fast reactor,  Dr. Charles E. Till and Dr. Yoon Il Chang

More about the book is given at its CreateSpace publishing page, and you can purchase it at Amazon.com but it will cost you US$18 though. Yet, I think it's a must have for those who really love into FR stuff~

news: Plentiful Energy – The book that tells the story of the Integral Fast Reactor

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Survey Result

Here's the result from our survey, which is about general public acceptance of nuclear power plant in Malaysia (click on the image to zoom in) -

From our result statistic, we found that majority of the respondents are aware of the nuclear power generation. They know what nuclear can give and help they in energy source. Some also respond positively on the waste, the carbon emission, an the safety. Other than that, some also still with their principle, not supporting nuclear. It is understood as the effect of nuclear bombing and explosion showed a great impact in the affected society. Ours my be taking some lesson, avoiding the same from happening towards our own.

The question about feed in tariff, it is quite as expected as we got most " No"  for the question "Are you willing to pay more to support renewable energy and by how much in tariff increase" . In my humble opinion, Malaysian should change their mind. Most of them. Wanting cheap energy but never want to pay more. Well i seriously not putting any blame of Malaysians themselves. Maybe the salary itself does not enough or maybe the lame perception is permanently passed by generation to generation. 

I am not capable to comment more on the recent energy and power status in Malaysia. It is more political that we thought. 

To conclude, I found that Malaysian is not fully blinded from the positiveness of nuclear power. But still a lot more need to do to convince people on nuclear. For the future generation. - msanne 

General Public Opinion on Malaysia Nuclear Power Plant